Jailed; Woman who hid gun connected to fatal Birmingham shooting

Deanne Gordon - picture from West Midlands Police
Deanne Gordon – picture from West Midlands Police

A gun connected to a fatal shooting in Birmingham was found stashed in the bedroom of a jewellery shop worker a court heard.

Derek Junior Myers, 25, was killed and another man seriously injured in the shooting in at a Soho Hill pool hall last October.

A police raid six weeks later uncovered a revolver linked to the deadly shooting at the home of Deanne Gordon in the Ladywood area of the city.

The 35-year-old claimed to have found the weapon stashed behind bins near her home but her explanation was rejected by a judge.

She was jailed for five years after pleading guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon and ammunition at Birmingham Crown Court.

Judge Richard Bond said; “I reject out of hand the explanation you gave to police.

“I sentence you on the basis you were looking after this gun and bullets for a gang member and you knew that.

“The reality is this; that weapon was used in a murder so any time somebody takes possession of such a lethal weapon they run the risk of being connected to a weapon used in the most serious criminal offences on the statute book.

“It’s well known in this city such items are used by gangs affiliated with drugs and money laundering.

“The consequences of a person being in possession are obvious. These items are designed to kill and maim.”

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JAILED: Birmingham drug dealer found with arsenal of ‘evil’ weapons

Sohail Amjad - Picture from West Midlands Police
Sohail Amjad – Picture from West Midlands Police

A drug dealer has been jailed for seven years after police uncovered an arsenal of ‘vile’ and ‘evil’ weapons in his home.

Sohail Amjad, 22, was pulled over in The Acocks Green area of Birmingham after a police patrol spotted him dealing cannabis from his girlfriend’s car.

After finding drugs stashed in the car and in his underpants they immediately went to his Ash Way home in Sparkhill.

There they discovered a sawn-off shotgun and a 9mm handgun hidden in a compartment beneath his bed.

Another 9mm handgun was found wrapped in a shirt inside a carrier bag.

In total 33 shotgun cartridges and seven bullets were recovered from the property on November 22.

Just over 500g of herbal cannabis was also seized from the car and from Amjad’s house.

When interviewed by police the dealer claimed he was told to hold the weapons for another person after he damaged their car and was unable to pay for repairs.

But Recorder of Birmingham Judge Melbourne Inman QC rejected that explanation.

Jailing Amjad for seven years Judge Inman said; “Sawn-off shotguns are dreadful weapons.

“As with all weapons they can kill and maim but the real evil is its vast power and that it can be easily transported by criminals.

“They are dreadful weapons and these courts will do anything in their power to deter people carrying them.

“They were, in my judgement, a feature of your drug dealing.

“The most serious offence is the possession of the sawn-off shotgun with ammunition.

“For such a vile weapon in most cases long sentences will be passed – if they are used they will be very long sentences.”

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