Jailed: Drunk who tried to set fire to Zen Store in legal highs row

Picture from West Midlands Police
Picture from West Midlands Police
Picture from West Midlands Police

A row over the sale of ‘legal highs’ ended when a drunk customer doused a shop keeper in white spirits and tried to set him alight.

Kevin Keegan, 60, was jailed for two years eight months for his actions which left staff at the Zen Shop in Moseley  terrified for their lives.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how Keegan used a Fairy Liquid bottle to squirt one worker with the flammable liquid and threaten to set him on fire.

As terrified workers locked drunk Keegan outside the St Mary’s Row store, he then sprayed the accelerant onto a piece of carpet and around the doorway before attempting to light it with matches.

Jacob Dowding and co-worker Steve Parkes feared the liquid was petrol and believed they were about to be burnt alive in the alternative therapy shop.

Judge Robin Rowland told Keegan, who admitted attempted arson: “You took exception to the fact the shop sold what are called ‘legal highs’.

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