On the run: ‘Dangerous’ paedophile who raped two young children

Jose Manico – picture from West Midlands Police

As the Guardian reported around 1,300 dangerous offenders are on the run after jumping court bail, here’s a pretty horrific case which concluded at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday. Anyone with information on Manico’s whereabouts should contact west Midlands Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

A DANGEROUS paedophile who raped two children in almost identical attacks is on the run after being sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Twisted Jose Manico, 44, fled the country before he could face trial over the string of offences against a six year old girl in London and a boy of the same age in Birmingham a decade later.

The depraved dad, from Edgbaston, Birmingham, was described by a judge as a “dangerous offender” who continued to pose a risk to children.

Passing sentence in Manico’s absence, Judge Mark Wall QC said; “I have no doubt he must be treated as a dangerous offender.

“He committed these offences at different points in his life separated by a great deal of time.

“He targeted both a boy and a girl and on each occasion they were children of real youth.

“There is a significant risk he will continue to offend in this way into the future.”


Jose Manico – picture from West Midlands Police

Depraved Manico, then living in Wolverhampton, targeted his first victim in London over an 18 month period between February 2003 and August 2004.

Then aged between six and eight he subjected the girl to five sexual assaults and four rapes.

Four years later the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told police about the assaults but no charges were brought against Manico.

Now aged 20, she made a fresh complaint to police last year.

In August 2014, by that time living in Birmingham with a wife and children of his own, Manico targeted a young boy he was babysitting for a friend, committing two sexual assaults and one rape over a weekend.

During the ordeal Manico threatened to throw his terrified victim from a window if he told of the abuse.

It was only months later the boy told his mum of the assaults and police were informed and Manico was identified as the attacker in both cases.

Before going on the run last October, Manico denied the accusations saying both victims had made up the stories.

But following a trial in his absence at Birmingham Crown Court, a jury found him guilt of five counts of rape and seven of sexual assault.

Their deliberations lasted less than two hours.

Sentencing Mancio to 20 years in prison with an extended licence period, Judge a Wall said there was no mitigation for the offences which had been committed against vulnerable children.

He said; “(Manico) has been out of contact for some time and it is thought he may have left the country.

“He absconded without ever accepting his guilt on this indictment.

“I make it clear the (20 years) will not start to run unless and until the defendant is captured and held in custody.

“There is nothing to mitigate his behaviour in any way.”

Police believe, despite seizing his passport, Portugese speaking Manico fled the UK and believe he could be somewhere in Europe or in Africa.

Samantha Crabb, prosecuting, told the jury when she opened the case; “These two young people have never met, their only link is the abuse suffered at the hands of Jose Manico.

“It is no coincidence two individuals made such similar allegations of abuse by a man when they were a very similar age.”

In total Manico was convicted of five counts of rape, six of sexual assault and one of indecent assault.


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