Bungling burka-clad-burglar used own phone to book getaway taxi

Krystal Kerr outside Birmingham Crown Court
Krystal Kerr outside Birmingham Crown Court

*A case from Birmingham Crown Court picked up by Mail Online and The Daily Star online*

A bungling burglar who dressed in a burka to steal from her employer was snared because she used her own mobile phone to book a getaway taxi.

Sneaky Krystal Kerr, 28, passed security workers from the arcade where she worked as they locked up the Star City premises in Birmingham on July 20.

She then let herself into the Fun Station using a set of keys she had made secret copies of.

Once inside she disabled the alarms and stole over £17,000 from the safe before fleeing, still clad in the burka, in a waiting taxi.

But despite her careful planning, the mum-of-two was caught by detectives who traced the taxi booking which bungling Kerr made using her own mobile phone.

As she was jailed for 12 months at Birmingham Crown Court it was heard £15,500 of the £17,344 she stole was discovered stashed under floorboards in her home.

She claimed she may have left the other £1,700 in the taxi as she made her getaway.

Recorder Helen Malcolm QC told Kerr, who was later sacked from the play centre; ‘This was theft in breach of a substantial degree of trust.’You took a large sum of money.

‘It was something you planned very carefully not only in terms of gaining access to the premises but also gaining access to the safe.’

The court heard after fleeing in the taxi Kerr took her ill-gotten gains to her home at The Riddings, Stechford, where she stashed the cash under floorboards.

She then went to a nearby park where she burnt the burka and the bags which had held the cash.

Following her sentence, Paul Reid, district crown prosecutor revealed the lengths Kerr went to in order to carry out the audacious raid.

He said: ‘This was a pre-planned and well executed burglary committed by an employee who had breached her employer’s trust.

‘Two months before the theft, Krystal Kerr closely observed her fellow employees using the safe.

‘She then stole a key off a member of staff, which she had copied, and then returned the original key to the employee.

‘Disguised in a Burka, she used this key to gain entry to the premises, deactivate the alarm system and stole over £17,000 from the safe – all within five minutes.’

Kerr was arrested nine days later after police tracked her using CCTV and then tracing the taxi booking she made from her own mobile.
James Frarczyk, defending, said: ‘The whole thing was essentially bungled from the outset.

‘She rang for the taxi using her own mobile phone and used a surname that was not a million miles away from her own.

‘She wore a burka while walking past colleagues and became hysterical when police searched that room.

‘She planned to use her ill-gotten gains to take her children to Jamaica but she never went through with it, she bottled it.

‘She was in an abusive relationship and claustrophobia and desperation ensued.’


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