Off-duty doorman jailed for stamping on reveller’s head

Tony Henson - Image from West Midlands Police
Tony Henson – Image from West Midlands Police

An off-duty doorman has been jailed after he dragged a reveller from a Broad Street club and stamped on his head.

Tony Henson, 31, left victim Stephen Hartland with a fractured scull which led to a permanent loss of hearing in his left ear.

In a devastating victim statement, Mr Hartland said he had been unable to return to work since the attack last February on Birmingham’s Broad Street.

He said he had since been forced to move back in with his mum and was surviving on disability living allowance.

James Keeley, defending, said Henson, now of Badgers Avenue, Crewe, was of previous good character and pleaded for a suspended sentence to be passed.

But jailing him for 27 months Judge Mary Stacey said; “In all other respects there is so much about you that is praiseworthy and creditworthy.

“But for the unprovoked stamping on someone’s face with life changing consequences I just can not suspend the term of imprisonment.”

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Sex worker burgled Korean War Veteran, 81, after he rejected her advances

Kiran Pardesi – picture from West Midlands Police

*A case covered earlier this week and picked up by The Birmingham Mail*

A sex worker wearing a ginger wig burgled an 81-year-old Korean War veteran after the old soldier repeatedly turned down her advances.

Unscrupulous Kiran Pardesi, 37, had badgered victim Raymond Gill at his home in a Winson Green tower block on a least two occasions offering him sex for money.

But after he sent her packing she returned early one morning and forced her way into his home.

When the veteran again refused her services she rifled through his pockets stealing £200 leaving him unable to buy a meal at the care centre he visited daily.

She was later identified by police from CCTV footage recovered in the tower block and eventually admitted a burglary.

As Pardesi, of Peel Street, Winson Green, was jailed for three years at Birmingham Crown Court it was heard the sex worker had previous convictions for burglary and fraud.

And while the court heard she had battled mental health and addiction problems Judge Stephen Eyre QC said prison was the only option.

He told the vice girl; ”I accept you have mental health difficulties but it is clear from the circumstances of this offence this offence was not caused by those difficulties.

‘You have not taken the opportunities given to you by way of help.

‘The appropriate sentence therefore is a prison sentence.

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Bungling burka-clad-burglar used own phone to book getaway taxi

Krystal Kerr outside Birmingham Crown Court
Krystal Kerr outside Birmingham Crown Court

*A case from Birmingham Crown Court picked up by Mail Online and The Daily Star online*

A bungling burglar who dressed in a burka to steal from her employer was snared because she used her own mobile phone to book a getaway taxi.

Sneaky Krystal Kerr, 28, passed security workers from the arcade where she worked as they locked up the Star City premises in Birmingham on July 20.

She then let herself into the Fun Station using a set of keys she had made secret copies of.

Once inside she disabled the alarms and stole over £17,000 from the safe before fleeing, still clad in the burka, in a waiting taxi.

But despite her careful planning, the mum-of-two was caught by detectives who traced the taxi booking which bungling Kerr made using her own mobile phone.

As she was jailed for 12 months at Birmingham Crown Court it was heard £15,500 of the £17,344 she stole was discovered stashed under floorboards in her home.

She claimed she may have left the other £1,700 in the taxi as she made her getaway.

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‘Blackouts’ woman caused fatal Sutton smash after being told not to drive

Mirror Online
Mirror Online

*Here’s a case from Birmingham Crown Court which received national coverage this weekend online in The Mirror, Mail Online and The Express, in print in the Daily Express and Daily Star and regional coverage in the Sutton Coldfield Observer and the Northampton Chronicle & Echo

A woman suffering blackouts and blurred vision went on to cause a fatal road smash just days after being ordered by doctors not to drive.

Stephanie Oakenfull, 28, was also found to be nearly twice the drink drive limit four hours after she smashed head on into another car killing Kay Smith, 53.

Oakenfull wept as she was jailed for six years at Birmingham Crown Court for causing death by dangerous driving and was banned from the roads for seven years.

She also admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, failing to report an accident and driving without due care an attention.

It was heard she got behind the wheel of her Vauxhall Corsa on February 21 last year, days after being ordered not to drive by doctors.

She had also failed to tell the DVLA of a mystery condition which was causing her to suffer blackouts, blurred vision and memory loss.

Well loved Mrs Smith died of chest injuries following the smash near Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

Mail online screen grab
Mail Online

Judge Mark Wall QC told a sobbing Oakenfull, from Piddington, Northamptonshire; “You were aware and telling members of your family in the days leading up to this appalling driving you were suffering blurred vision and lapses in concentration.

“(You had) been told by a doctor you should not be driving and you should report it to the DVLA.

“You were well aware of the condition you were suffering and well aware you should not be driving that day.”

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Jailed; Paedophile who used depression forum to groom 14-year-old girl

Mark Caudery - Picture from West Midlands Police
Mark Caudery – Picture from West Midlands Police

A paedophile who groomed a 14-year-old girl for sex after meeting her in an Internet chatroom has been jailed for three years.

Mark Caudery, 34, targeted his young victim in a forum for those suffering depression as she tried to come to terms with the death of her father.

The pair exchanged messages through Facebook with Caudery encouraging the teen to send him indecent images and eventually a graphic video of herself.

After they met for sex in February 2014, Caudery then sent the girl a video of himself performing a sex act.

He was eventually arrested when his victim confided in a school mentor telling them what had happened.

Appearing at Birmingham Crown Court he pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child, inciting a child to engage in a sex act and performing a sex act in the presence of a child.

He also admitted two charges of possession of indecent images of a child after police discovered 280 images, some of his victim as well as other children, on a laptop computer.

Samantha Forsyth, defending, said Caudery, of Sheffield Road, Kings Heath, was university educated and repulsed by his own actions.

She said he had previously sought help, even walking into a police station in 2006 with indecent images and begging for treatment.

On that occasion he received a only a police caution but never any help to address his attraction to children.

Urging the court to pass a suspended sentence she said; “He is a man with insight and aware of how society will view him.

“Not many people have this level of insight and before coming to court are begging for help to control his urges.

“In custody nothing is going to be done with him, the help and intervention he needs is not going to be available to him.

“He is desperate to stop reoffending.”

Jailing Caudery for three years, Judge Richard Bond said; “You are a self-confessed paedophile and have been for a number of years.

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