How to win friends and influence people, Birmingham Crown Court style


By way of background, this was a defendant listed for a hearing over an allegation he had breached his community order (imposed for an earlier offence).

The case was listed for 2pm and, at around 2.05 he was called into the dock, only to be told moments later his case would be heard later.

The following Tweets begin as he had taken his place in the public gallery.

Now, when his case was finally called on, the defendant denied the breach and said he had medical reasons for not attending probation appointments.

Stress and anxiety, he said, meant he could not use public transport, and because his driving licence had been taken off him unlawfully (and since returned), he couldn’t get to his probation appointments.

Most defendants, by the time they reach court, are fairly compliant. This chap was shouting over the judge, ranting in the dock and generally causing a bit of a fuss providing a bit of colour for a Friday afternoon.

So, that’s how you win friends and influence people, crown court style.


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