JAILED: Drunk driver who narrowly missed runners at the Morrison’s 10k Fun Run in Birmingham

Ibrar Boston

Runners were forced to dive out of the way of a drunk driver who burst onto the course of a 10k family fun run while more than twice the drink drive limit.

Jobless Ibrar Boston, 36, swerved and drove at speed in a blue Renault Megane along cordoned off roads in Birmingham during the Morrison’s Fun Run in May.

He missed competitors by inches.

Thousands of runners, including Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn, took part in the inaugural run through the city.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how Boston, of Cooksey Road, Birmingham, drove over a grass verge to get around barriers.

When confronted by police, he reversed at speed before driving around cones into a lane where runners were taking part in the race on Pershore Road in the city centre.

He went on to plead guilty to dangerous driving and drink driving.

Judge Paul Farrer, QC, jailing Boston for 14 months said;  “You were drunk and chose to drive away from the police.

“You put numerous members of the public in very real and immediate danger.

“I have no hesitation concluding an immediate sentence of imprisonment is demanded here.”

He told the disgraced driver, who had previous convictions for being drunk behind the wheel: “You pulled through cones and swerved towards runners, you undoubtedly would have struck a number of those runners if they hadn’t taken evasive actions.

“The fact there were no serious injuries was not by virtue of care where you are concerned.

“It’s is by virtue of fortunate happenstance those runners managed to get out of the way.

“You missed one of them by inches.”

Boston then drove away at speed before ploughing into metal barriers on nearby Gooch Street suffering a fractured skull.

Despite his injury he managed to climb out of the passenger side door and tried to escape on foot before being snared by police.

A breathalyzer three hours later revealed Boston was still twice over the drink drive limit blowing 70mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

Ibrar Boston, jailed for 14 months for dangerous driving and drink driving. Boston, 36, drove onto the course of the Morrison's Birmingham 10K in May 2015 narrowly missing runners.

David Bennett, prosecuting, said a drunk Boston first approached a cordon near Pershore Street in the city centre where competitors were still running.

He told a race marshal he was trying to get to his his pregnant wife.

Mr Bennett said; “The marshal prevented the defendant driving onto the course.

“He reversed at speed and pulled a hand brake turn.

“The marshal described him as smelling of alcohol and being as high as a kite.”

It was ten minutes later Boston drove over a grass verge onto a cordoned-off section of the race route.

He ended up trapped behind a council bin lorry and was shouting at the driver when a police motor biker approached him.

Boston got back into his car and, despite being told to turn off the engine, reversed, narrowly missing the cop, then drove onto the other side of the road where competitors were still running.

Mr Bennett said; “There were hundreds of people on the other side of the road.

“He headed towards runners who jumped out of the way to avoid being struck.

“The defendant approached some competitors from behind missing them by centimetres.

“As they realised what was going on they jumped out of the way.”

Boston was also banned from driving for four years and a month and ordered to pay the £900 criminal court charge.

Simon Williams, defending, said Boston had got his life on track between 2010 and this year when working for Jaguar.

However he turned to drink when made redundant in January.

Mr Williams told the court; “Not even he can explain why he behaved in that manner on that day.

“The only thing he can offer the court is sorry.

“He has no answer but is deeply ashamed, shocked and remorseful.”


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