Jailed: Birmingham Airport baggage handler who raided passengers’ suitcases

Rajesh Taheem
Rajesh Taheem

A baggage handler from Birmingham airport has been jailed for plundering holidaymakers’ suitcases of iPads, Iphones and Macbooks over an 18 month period.

Rajesh Taheem, 45, used his position as a bag technician at Birmingham International to loot passengers’ luggage before it was loaded onto departing flights.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how travellers only knew they had been targeted when they arrived at their destinations to find their property missing.

Jailing Taheem, of Wolverhampton, for 20 months after he admitted nine charges of theft, Recorder Christopher Tickle told the family man: “You had a good job and a good salary, were a valued member of society.

“You had a particular degree of trust because you were looking after and handling luggage that could belong to anyone in this room, in this building, going through the airport.

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Thief stabbed Solihull householder with screwdriver after being chased with a hammer


A thief caught raiding cars on a Solihull street stabbed a resident in the leg in a desperate bid to escape arrest.

Stephen Hatton, 24, from Stechford, was stealing from vehicles on The Crescent, Shirley, Solihull, when he was confronted by resident Geoge Kobzaru.

Worried he might be attacked, Mr Kobzaru had armed himself with a hammer before challenging Hatton at around 4.30am on March 28.

In footage shown at Birmingham Crown Court, Mr Kobzaru was seen chasing a terrified Hatton who climbed over and on top of cars as he tried to escape.

But it was when he reached a stolen Toyota Yaris he used to drive to the scene that a scuffle took place and he stabbed Mr Kobzaru twice in the leg with a screwdriver.

Even then the thief tried to escape on foot but was chased by another resident of the quiet street and eventually police.

Hatton pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm, theft, interference with a vehicle, driving while disqualified, with no insurance and no licence.

Jailing him for nine months, Recorder Edward Coke told Hatton: “I have watched the footage.

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Poundland worker who blackmailed Instagram ex with explicit photos jailed

Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts

A Poundland worker who blackmailed an ex he met through Instagram with explicit photos has been jailed for two years.

Carl Harvey, 27, from Bradford, tortured his victim over a five month period threatening to send photographs she had shared to her family.

In total the student sent bitter Harvey £809 in 95 separate cash transactions.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how she had been left so worried about his threats  she had dropped out of university unable to concentrate on her studies.

Jailing Harvey, of Linden Avenue, Bradford, for two years after he admitted blackmail, Judge Richard Bond said: “For reasons I don’t fully understand you thought it appropriate in order to obtain money to blackmail the victim.

“You threatened her with sending messages…you would send photographs of an explicit nature of her to her family.

“You knew she would believe it.

“Blackmail is a really ugly offence, you utterly betrayed that relationship.”

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Throttling hands classed as weapons by Birmingham judge.

A judge sitting at Birmingham Crown Court has ruled, for the first time in my experience, that using hands to throttle a victim is akin to using a weapon.

Anthony Adamson, 28, was appearing for sentence after pleading guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

In an attack on his ex-girlfriend at their Netheravon Close flat, in Druids Heath, Adamson threatened to carve up and bite his terrified partner on June 23.

He went on to punch her repeatedly to the head, ripping out an eye-piercing in the process, before dragging her to the floor and throttling her.

In the context of domestic violence cases I’ve seen, throttling is fairly common. I don’t know what it is about blokes who batter their partners, they always seem to go for the jugular.

What was unusual about this case was the suggestion from the judge, His Honour Judge Paul Farrer QC, that by throttling his partner in this way, Adamson had in fact used a weapon i.e his hands.

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How to win friends and influence people, Birmingham Crown Court style


By way of background, this was a defendant listed for a hearing over an allegation he had breached his community order (imposed for an earlier offence).

The case was listed for 2pm and, at around 2.05 he was called into the dock, only to be told moments later his case would be heard later.

The following Tweets begin as he had taken his place in the public gallery.

Now, when his case was finally called on, the defendant denied the breach and said he had medical reasons for not attending probation appointments.

Stress and anxiety, he said, meant he could not use public transport, and because his driving licence had been taken off him unlawfully (and since returned), he couldn’t get to his probation appointments.

Most defendants, by the time they reach court, are fairly compliant. This chap was shouting over the judge, ranting in the dock and generally causing a bit of a fuss providing a bit of colour for a Friday afternoon.

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Dough! Driver jailed over attempt to be fastest pizza delivery man in the West…Midlands

Picture from West Midlands Police
Picture from West Midlands Police

A pizza delivery man’s attempt to emulate Benny Hill’s eponymous milkman Ernie landed him in jail after he was spotted jumping five red lights on a busy Birmingham road.

Rizwan Tasib, 27, who had no licence, a driving ban and had taken his dad’s Toyota car without permission was spotted by an off duty cop driving in an “appalling” manner.

The pizza man, of Stechford Lane, barely touched the brakes as he jumped red lights along Bromford Lane in Birmingham on the night of August 28 as he tried to be the fastest delivery man in the West.

A judge described dad-of-one Tasib as a “menace” and “a death waiting to occur.”

He admitted dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle taking, possession of cocaine, driving with no insurance and while disqualified at an earlier hearing at Birmingham Magistrates Court.

Appearing for sentence at Birmingham Crown Court he was jailed for 15 months.

Recorder Stephen Lowne said; “In short you are a menace on the road, a death waiting to occur.
“I can’t take any chances with you whatsoever.

“You are a significant danger on the road.

“In my judgement a suspended sentence would allow you to offend again and risk killing someone.”

Tasib was spotted by off-duty Sgt Simon Patten at around 11pm on August 24 on Bromford Lane near junction six of the M6 motorway.

The pizza delivery driver overtook the cop and jumped a red light.

Patrick Sullivan, prosecuting, said; “He didn’t even slow down, he didn’t brake.

“The officer followed around 50m behind and came to a second set of red lights at Fort Parkway.

“They were going from red to amber and other cars were waiting in a queue – he went straight through.

“Onto the next crossing where Bromford Road meets Bromford Lane, even at that time of day there is a lot of traffic so to go through those lights on red is extremely dangerous.

“Two vehicles has to slow down to avoid what would have been an inevitable collision if they had not taken action in the notorious accident black spot.”

Mr Sullivan described the road as a main arterial route through the city and said Tasib jumped a further two red lights before stopping.

“It was a piece of driving the officer found appalling.

“(Tasib) pulled up outside Pizza Masters and got out.

“He was a delivery man – he had pizza bags in hand that keep the pizza warm.

“He was calm and said he had to deliver money to the owners, he conceded he had no excuse (for the driving) and conceded it was his father’s car.”

During police interview he tried to claim he thought he was being followed by somebody who wanted to harm him but eventually admitted all of the charges against him.

Rashad Mohammed, defending, said Tasib had tried too hard to impress the manager of Pizza Master in an effort to land a job.

He said; “The pizza shop was in the process of offering him a job and they asked him to demonstrate the speediness of his deliveries.

“That may be an explanation in part of why he was driving this way on that particular day.

“His driving was clearly dangerous and it was fortune, rather than judgement, that there was no collision.

“The driving was really short-lived and the defendant was not speeding to great excess.”

Tasib was also banned from driving for five years and ordered to take an extended test.

JAILED: Drunk driver who narrowly missed runners at the Morrison’s 10k Fun Run in Birmingham

Ibrar Boston

Runners were forced to dive out of the way of a drunk driver who burst onto the course of a 10k family fun run while more than twice the drink drive limit.

Jobless Ibrar Boston, 36, swerved and drove at speed in a blue Renault Megane along cordoned off roads in Birmingham during the Morrison’s Fun Run in May.

He missed competitors by inches.

Thousands of runners, including Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn, took part in the inaugural run through the city.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how Boston, of Cooksey Road, Birmingham, drove over a grass verge to get around barriers.

When confronted by police, he reversed at speed before driving around cones into a lane where runners were taking part in the race on Pershore Road in the city centre.

He went on to plead guilty to dangerous driving and drink driving.

Judge Paul Farrer, QC, jailing Boston for 14 months said;  “You were drunk and chose to drive away from the police.

“You put numerous members of the public in very real and immediate danger.

“I have no hesitation concluding an immediate sentence of imprisonment is demanded here.”

He told the disgraced driver, who had previous convictions for being drunk behind the wheel: “You pulled through cones and swerved towards runners, you undoubtedly would have struck a number of those runners if they hadn’t taken evasive actions.

“The fact there were no serious injuries was not by virtue of care where you are concerned.

“It’s is by virtue of fortunate happenstance those runners managed to get out of the way.

“You missed one of them by inches.”

Boston then drove away at speed before ploughing into metal barriers on nearby Gooch Street suffering a fractured skull.

Despite his injury he managed to climb out of the passenger side door and tried to escape on foot before being snared by police.

A breathalyzer three hours later revealed Boston was still twice over the drink drive limit blowing 70mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

Ibrar Boston, jailed for 14 months for dangerous driving and drink driving. Boston, 36, drove onto the course of the Morrison's Birmingham 10K in May 2015 narrowly missing runners.

David Bennett, prosecuting, said a drunk Boston first approached a cordon near Pershore Street in the city centre where competitors were still running.

He told a race marshal he was trying to get to his his pregnant wife.

Mr Bennett said; “The marshal prevented the defendant driving onto the course.

“He reversed at speed and pulled a hand brake turn.

“The marshal described him as smelling of alcohol and being as high as a kite.”

It was ten minutes later Boston drove over a grass verge onto a cordoned-off section of the race route.

He ended up trapped behind a council bin lorry and was shouting at the driver when a police motor biker approached him.

Boston got back into his car and, despite being told to turn off the engine, reversed, narrowly missing the cop, then drove onto the other side of the road where competitors were still running.

Mr Bennett said; “There were hundreds of people on the other side of the road.

“He headed towards runners who jumped out of the way to avoid being struck.

“The defendant approached some competitors from behind missing them by centimetres.

“As they realised what was going on they jumped out of the way.”

Boston was also banned from driving for four years and a month and ordered to pay the £900 criminal court charge.

Simon Williams, defending, said Boston had got his life on track between 2010 and this year when working for Jaguar.

However he turned to drink when made redundant in January.

Mr Williams told the court; “Not even he can explain why he behaved in that manner on that day.

“The only thing he can offer the court is sorry.

“He has no answer but is deeply ashamed, shocked and remorseful.”