Taking the plunge…


After several years working in the regional press I recently decided the time was right to take the plunge and go freelance, leaving my role as court reporter for the Birmingham Mail behind.

Over the last 18 months or so with the Mail I had the privilege of scouring the city’s courts looking for stories to report on and I loved every minute.

It will come as no surprise then in the exciting (scary) new freelance world before me that I plan to make courts my focus.

Hopefully over the coming weeks and months I’ll be able to carry on reporting on cases that are of interest, alas it will be under my own steam and without the safe haven of a newspaper to write for.

Such a large change means the way I use this blog will also take a bit of a shift. While I still hope to analyse some of the cases I come across it will also become a showcase for my work as I try to craft a living from the comings and goings in our courts.

While not restricting myself purely to court coverage, posts here will focus entirely on the justice system.

Of course, should this venture fall flat on its face in a few months this blog may be covering what products I placed on which shelf in a well known supermarket.

Wish me luck!


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