A shorthand introduction…


Welcome to Birmingham Court Reporter where I hope to shed some light on the world of Birmingham’s court circuit.

Having covered courts for The Birmingham Mail full time  for a while there are often times I think of things to say outside of conventional court reporting. Hopefully with this blog I’ll be able to expand on some cases, explain others or offer opinions of the goings on in Crown or Magistrates Courts.

Unless you work in or around the court system the whole place can seem odd. Fashions range from tracksuit bottoms and jeans to wigs and gowns, barristers and judges talk in what seems like a foreign language and when there are delays time seems to lose all meaning. For first time defendants it must seem intimidating, to victims and their families baffling.

For a neutral party the courts are fascinating, a melting pot of all aspects of Brum society and I never tire of them or the proceedings taking place. Whether it’s a picture painted by a witness giving evidence or entrenched legal argument between prosecution and defence. Here I’ll try to nullify some of the mystery and show the courts in a more human light.

I can be contacted through comments, on Twitter @mwl462 or by email at Matt.lloyd@trinitymirror.com


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